Proyas has 25 years of experience in financial management with different financial institutes, donor agencies efficiently. In the organization a transparent and accountable financial management system has been institutionalized. It has gathered a lot of experiences in fund management and continuously improving its system to meet the demands for the sufferer people in the northern part of Bangladesh. In fund management Proyas maintains compliance of the funder or financial institutes and its own. It maintains transparency and accountability in fund management and it has controlling and monitoring system in place for the overall management of the donor fund and loan. Proyas has reputation in repaying the loan amount to the financial institutions following different agreements. It maintains its financial audit through external professionals and reports to concerned government authority sequentially.

Proyas Micro-credit Programme at a Glance

wdt_ID Performance Parameters No./Amount
1 Supporting People of 4 Districts
2 Village Coverage 1,164
3 Providing Support Through 9 Components
4 Providing Loan to 83 Sectors/Sub-sectors
5 Micro-credit Groups 3,613
6 Group Members 61,130 (99.6% Female)
7 Member Per Branch 1,389 (avg.)
8 Member Per Group 17 (avg.)
9 Borrowers Per Groups 13 (avg.)
10 Number of Branches 44