Message from President

Being a part of Proyas Manobik Unnyan Society, I am delighted to write few words on the successful completion of another year, 2018 by Proyas. Proyas put its enourmous, committed efforts reaching the milestones set against our goal of improving socio-economic status and rights of the community people free from poverty, deprivation and its consequences.

Proyas has celebrated 25 years’ landmark of its journey in 2018. This is a historic moment for Proyas and its project partners, staff and officials, stakeholders, well-wishers and those involved with the organization for betterment of the people of this country.

Bangladesh made progress in poverty reduction and economic development within a few decades overcoming many challenges and obstacles. The per capita income in Bangladesh has increased to $1,602 this fiscal year (2016-2017), according to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. It was $1,465 in the last fiscal year (2015-16). In addition, it recorded a commendable score in a number of development indexes (against the MDGs) like reducing maternal, infant and child mortality, increasing life expectancy, literacy, public health, sanitation, resilience to climate change etc. In respect of the above issues Bangladesh is well ahead from its neighbouring South Asian nations and has been recognized by international community as well. Proyas takes pride in such achievements as even a little contributor which was possible with the support from all stakeholders involved.

It’s the fact that NGOs have been playing an important role for poverty alleviation, improving health status, resilience to climate change, establishing women and children rights etc, in Bangladesh as these organizations basically emerged, as a contributor with Bangladesh Government’s objectives to curtail poverty and improve living standard, creating a just society as well as establishing human rights, focusing the underprivileged people. Matching with the same motivation, wellbeing of the poor and deprived is considered in Proyas as the top most priority agenda. In the past, we were engaged in activities and programs for yielding maximum benefits for our target groups. We had to overcome many constrains and make paces because of our strong commitment for the community. The year 2018, was a successful period for Proyas as it was able to render versatile services to about 297,000 people of five northern districts of Bangladesh with socio-economic/financial and other supports of various categories including creating mass awareness on human rights issues, capacity and skills development along with financial assistance like soft loan, entrepreneurs’ loan etc. I thank the members of the Executive Committee of Proyas, its committed team, donors, and other stakeholders including its beneficiaries who helped Proyas establish as committed, dedicated and successful organization. I wish all the best to Proyas in coming years as a contributor of establishing Bangladesh as a Developed Country by 2041.