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Vision Mission Values

Vision of Proyas

A Country with its all citizens free from all forms of deprivation and discrimination where everyone enjoys their basic rights.

Mission of Proyas

Proyas aims to empower the disadvantaged, deprived and vulnerable people, who are surviving with poverty and social injustice, through economic and social interventions for positive change.

Valus of Proyas

Proyas is devoted to its core values which the Proyas team practice to their day-to-day life while working in the organization. The followings are core values of Proyas:

The skilled employees of Proyas work for achieving the goals and objectives of the organization remaining firm in the same principle and maintaining transparency with honesty in their words and deeds. We are all a unique entity and respectful to the collective efforts.

We recognize and honor the prospect and contribution of all the participants, donor organizations, partners, workers, and target people.

We are committed to the effective welfare of the greater people and work altogether.

Proyas believes that everyone disregarding male or female, rich or poor, literate or illiterate has the right to live with dignity. We work intensively in ensuring human rights by believing this trust.