Welcome To Proyas Manobik Unnoyon Society

About Us

Proyas Manobik Unnayan Society is a local non-government organization in Chapai Nawabganj. The organization has been rendering its services continuously for the socio-eco- nomic development, increasing community awareness and self- dependence with the support from different government and non-government organizations

A group of young students had provided emergency services to the affected households and helpless people during the flood of 1988 in Chapainawabganj. Despite having no organizational structure, the dedicated young group earned much reputation for their roles as trained soldiers. They have given away the collected foods, cloths and medicines from different organizations and philanthropic people in a disciplined way for the flood affected people. The activity once accomplished driven by the humane conscience ultimately inspired these young students to work for the wellbeing and development of the poor, deprived and neglected people and they feel a necessity to lay and organization foundation

Eventually, it emerged as an organization named Proyas on 19 December, 1993. The organization has formed a general council and an executive council to run it properly. The executive council consists of seven members and is elected every three years by the direct vote from the general council members. Accordingly, the present executive council is elected in November, 2021. The overall responsibility for the smooth implementation and operation of the program remains on the member secretary of the executive council i.e., the Executive Director, He is elected by the general council to run all the activities according to the directives of both the executive and the general council.

Initially, Proyas had started working for the development of some poor and backward aboriginal people in Chapai Nawabganj district and expanded it in other districts gradually. It is registered as ‘Proyas Human Development Society’ under the Societies Registration Act-1860 in 7. May, 2000 and its registration number is Raj S No.49/2000. Again, it is registered under NGO Affairs Bureau in 20 April, 2004 (registration no-1923) and later it is recognized by Microcredit Regulatory Authority in 14 May, 2008 (certificate no is 00978-00986-00248)

Since its inception, Proyas has been working mainly for the development and betterment of the afflicted, oppressed, left behind and poor people. Responding to the situation, it has taken and implemented various types of programs efficiently. It is nourished with more experiences on its way towards development. Keeping pace with the time Proyas has developed strategies as more realistic and dynamic.