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Project/Program Overview

Primary Health Care Service

Through ENRICH program, Proyas is providing primary health care services at the door-steps of all 7,850 households of the selected working area. Our health...

Beggars Rehabilitation

Another scheme under ENRICH for the rehabilitation of the beggers. Under this scheme, so far, Proyas organized and rehabilitated 20 beggers with financial grants...

Bangladesh Counter Trafficking in Persons (BCTIP) Project

To contribute in combating the human trafficking from Bangladesh, including unsafe migration and child rights and child protection, Proyas has been implementing the Bangladesh...


“Jagoron” means “vigil”. It interprets the title of the scheme under the socio-economic empowerment programme. It is the group of people in the rural,...


Buniad means ‘foundation’ whcih is another scheme/product for the “absolute have not” group of people, female headed family, completely dependent on fragile/temporary works, have...


The program participants (beneficiaries) of Proyas are involved in various kinds of economic activities including asset creation/generation. Many of the same participants are also...
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Latest & Upcoming News & Events

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