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Proyas has been working tirelessly for the disadvantaged poor people of the north-western part of the country and its scope of work is expanding step by step. It started in the district Chapai Nawabganj but its working areas are being expanding to other districts gradually. Its aim is to welfare and development of the poor, deprived and neglected people and to work together to improve and change for them. As a local non-governmental organization, Proyas has been providing ongoing service basically for the people’s socio-economic development, awareness and self-reliance in collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organizations.


In the flood of 1998, huge loss of life and property occurred in the district of Chapai Nawabganj. A group of young students came forward to help service this disaster affected families and vulnerable people. They collected food, clothes, medicines from different organizations and rich individuals and distributed those systematically among the affected population. Although there was no organizational structure the young dedicated skilled team were able to earn a reputation for contributing like a trained soldier. Implementing the need-based events inspired those young students to work for the poor, deprived, neglected people for their welfare and development and feel the necessity of establishing an organizational foundation.


In that continuation Proyas has formed as an organization on the 19th December, 1993. To operate the organization effectively, there are a General Committee and an Executive Committee. At present, the General Committee are formed three years after by a vote of 07 (seven) members of the Executive Committee. According to this norm, the Executive Committee is form in May 2015 by the direct vote of General Committee.  All the responsibilities are assigned to the Executive Director or Member Secretary of the Executive Committee for implementing and managing the programs of the organization. The Executive Director is elected by the General Committee, and the overall activities of the organization is directed by in consultation with the General Committee and Executive Committee of the organization.


>Firstly Proyas started its activities for the poor and indigenous people of the district. Later on, the scope of work of this organization began to expand and took steps to work in other district and it is registered as “Proyas Manobik Unnayan Society” under the Societies Registration Act  on May 7, 2000. The registration number is RAJ S. No. 49/2000. Moreover, the registration requirements under the NGO Affairs Bureau also felt and it was registered on 20 April 2004 (Registration No. 1923) and then under the Micro-credit Regulatory Authority it is registered also, the certificate No. is 009780098600248 on 14 May, 2008.


Proyas has been working primarily for the development and welfare of the oppressed, tortured, and poor people from its inception. It has responded always to the call of time and situation. It has taken and implemented various programmes sincerely to fulfill the demand of time and necessity. This report is the reflection of that consistency. The bag of experience has become more robust by going through a long way. Proyas has prepared a strategic plan considering the time and worked accordingly. As a result, Proyas has become more realistic and dynamic organization.