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Education Support Service

Under the ENRICH program, with the support from PKSF, Proyas has been providing education support services to the children who are prone to dropout from schools, a early stage of primary education, due to adequate supports, guidances and also to become involved with helping hand of the parents for income earning for their families. In the ENRICH program area, Proyas has been operating 40 learning centers for the children from nursery to class two standards. These centers are being operated from 3 pm to 5 pm in all working days. Teachers are helping them do their homeworks, extra lessons, teaching them social norms, etiquette, general knowledge and trying to increase their confidence through involving them with various psyco-social activities. In 2017, through 40 learning centers, under one union, a total of 1008 children (579 boys and 469 girls) received this education support services through 40 centers. Through this service, Proyas was able to reduce drop to zero among the children under this intervention. Following table depicts the performance of education support services.