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The program participants (beneficiaries) of Proyas are involved in various kinds of economic activities including asset creation/generation. Many of the same participants are also involved in seasonal income generating initiatives. As Chapainawabganj is the highest mango growing district of Bangladesh, many people invest in this sector (specially trading). Similarly, many of our program participants invest seasonally for Beef Fattening targeting the huge market of livestock during one of the biggest religious festival of Muslims, the Eid Ul Azha (Qurbani). Some are also investing in seasonal crop cultivations. In order to invest in these types of seasonal businesses, Proyas is supporting them with financial assistance for a short-term seasonal loan services under a special scheme called “Sufalan”. Another objective is to enhance the agricultural productivity with necessary technical and financial assistances. Proyas has been operating the scheme since 2008. In 2017, a total of 19,924 families benefitted from Sufalon scheme by investing in seasonal businesses with the financial support from Proyas. They received BDT 48,25,56,000 as additional seasonal investments, specially in agriculture and livestock sector for a period of maximum nine months. Out of the total amount, in 2017 the beneficiaries returned a total of BDT 31,87,53,449 from their additional income.