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Proyas uses a group formation working strategy as the beginning or foundation step in assisting the poor to improve their standard and quality of life. In this group formation process 15-30 individuals of similar background (i.e. all group members receive their primary income source from the same type of employment and residency within a similar geographical location) are organized into groups for receiving in the area of literacy, social consciousness, legal awareness, health nutrition, family planning, water and sanitation, environmental issues etc. Although the major focuses of Proyas continues to be with women and children, who are the most exploited segment of people of Bangladeshi society, assistance is also provided to men including fishermen and others for income generation through creating the job opportunity.

As part of ongoing assistance to the development of poor people, one staff member provided regular assistance has been important in establish relationship of trust and mutual understanding. Assistance may take the form of training, facilitating general dialogue on issue of individual, family and community importance, assessment of an income generating activity, acting as a like establisher with the government services and or conveying concerns or needs to other section and staff of Proyas. Proyas strives to assist in the development of peoples’ institutions. These structures allow for groups. Chosen representatives from numbers of groups in an area which facilitates and allow people to take their self-driven development programs. Proyas does not see its role as a long-term interventionist, rather as a catalyst through which change can begin. The development of self-reliance remains as one of its central goal and therefore groups are assisted and promote the long-term development of the communities.

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